Victim:                         Cath  Bullen
Date:                             12th  January  1850
Crime:                          Owing  £12.6.5  to  Cath  Bullen
Prisoner:                      Timothy  Daly,  32,  Roman  Catholic,  Labourer
Sentence:                      203  days
Prison:                          Cork

 Victim:                          Michael  Bullen
Date:                             3rd  April  1897
Crime:                          Assault  on  Michael  Bullen
Prisoner:                      Cornelius  Riodan,  22,  carter  of  Banteer
Sentence:                      1  month
Prison:                          Cork


This  is  Michael  Bullen (1836-1900) of  Banteer  married  to  Ellen  Twomey

Victim:                          William  Bullen
Date:                             5th  May  1877
Crime:                          Assaulting  William  Bullen
Prisoner:                       Patrick  Casey.  20,  Roman  Catholic,  of  Kinsale
Sentence:                       2  calendar  months  hard  labour
Prison:                          Cork

Victim:                          Rd (Richard?)  Bullen
Date:                             20th  May 1876
Crime:                      Obstruct  Rd  Bullen, servant in  the employment  of the  Great Southern and Western Railway Co.
Prisoner:                      Jeremiah  Hegarty,  18,  Roman  Catholic  labourer
Sentence:                      Fined  11  shillings  and  costs,  but  not  discharged  until  2nd  June
Prison:                          Cork


There  is  only  1  known  Richard  Bullen (1822/24-1897) .  He  was  married  to  was  married  to  Margaret  Norman

 Victim:                           James  Bullen
Date:                              13th  October  1841
Crime:                           Assault  on  James  Bullen
Prisoner:                        Henry  Driscoll,  19,
Sentence:                       10  days  imprisonment
Prison:                           Cork


Victim                                  Ellen  Bullen
Prisoner:                             Ellen  Mulligan
Date  admitted:                  14th  February  1861
Crime:                                 Wilfully  and  Maliciously  set  fire  to  the  dwelling  house  of  Ellen  Bullen
Prison:                                  Nass  Co  Kildare



Prisoner:                            John  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 5th  June 1819
Number  on  register:       393
Age:                                            48  (i.e.  born   about   1771)
Crime:                                Having  in  his  possession  the  top  of  a  birch  tree  which  was  stolen
Sentence:                            Convicted  before the  magistrate.   3  Calendar  months  imprisonment  or  £3.00  fine
Discharged:                        September  1st  1819

He  must  have  served  the  sentence
Unable  to  identify

Prisoner:                            John  Bullen
Date   admitted:                 10TH  March  1829
Number  on  register:        152
Age:                                     50  (i.e.  born  about  1779)
Crime:                                 Debtor
Sentence:                             Removed  to  Dublin  by  Har??????  Coss????  May  5th  1829

Unable  to  identify

Prisoner:                                 Henry  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 12th  April  1830
Number  on  register:       115
Age:                                    25   (i.e.  born about   1805)
Crime:                                Trespass
Committed  by:                 Ceciltown  Petty  Session
Sentence:                            1  month
Residence:                         Ceciltown
Discharged:                      10th  May  1830

  • He  must  have  served  the  sentence
  • Henry  Bullen  (1805- before  1850?)  is  likely  to  be  the  son  of  Henry  Bullen  and  Margaret  Tarrant (married  1790)
  • Henry  Bullen  is  on  the  1834  Tithe  Applotments  He  owned  freehold  at  least 2  rods  of  land (Tithes  were  only  applied  to  certain  crops)
  • He  doesn’t  appear  on  the  Griffiths  Valuations  (1850-1853)  which would  indicate  he
    1.  had  died
    2.  Had  emigrated
    3.  Was  living  in  the  home  of  someone  else
  • Ellen  Bullen (?-  before  1855) is  the  only  Bullen  on  the  Griffiths  Valuations  for  Ceciltown.  This  may  indicate  she  is  the  widow  of  Henry  Bullen (no  marriage  has  been  found)  or  his  sister
  • From  1855  the  property  is  occupied  by  Ann  Bullen
  • Henry  Bullen  had  a  brother  Robert  Bullen (1807/1810)  (who  was single  and  in  the  Royal  Irish  Constabulary)  and  a  sister  Ellen  who  married  John  Fitzgerald  in  1839
  • They  are  a  Roman  Catholic  family

Prisoner:                            Joseph  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 17th  October1838
Number  on  register:       863
Age:                                   50  (i.e.  born  about  1788)
Crime:                               Debtor
Sentence:                           Not  Stated
Discharged:                       November  30th  1838  discharged  by  insolvent  commissioner
No  knowledge  of  this  Joseph  Bullen  but  he  must  belong  to  a  middleclass family

Name:                                William  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 9th  January  1839
Number  on  register:      18
Age:                                   12  (i.e.  born  about  1827)
Crime:                               Wilful trespass  of  timber
Sentence:                           1  month  and  £1  and  1 shilling  costs
Discharged:                      6th  February  1839
Education:                        Can  read  and  write

Prisoner:                           William  Bullen
Date  admitted:                18th  March  1840
Number  on  register:      187
Age:                                   15  (i.e.  born    about  1825)
Crime:                               Wilful  trespass
Sentence:                           14 days  and  6  shillings and  6  pence  costs
Discharged:                        1st  April  1840
Previous  convictions:       1

  • These  2  William  Bullen’s  are  probably  the  same  person
  • From  the  date  of  birth  this  is  likely  to  be  William  Bullen (1826-1853) of  Queenstown. 
  • He was  the  son  of  Joseph  Bullen  and  Anne  Sheehan

Prisoner:                           William  Bullen
Date  admitted:                22nd  January 1840
Number  on  register:      52
Age:                                    67  (i.e.  born  about  1763)
Crime:                                Wilful  trespass
Sentence:                            14  days  imprisonment  and  11  shillings  costs
Discharge:                          5th  February  1840
Unable  to  identify

Prisoner:                             Henry  Bullen
Date  admitted:                  28th  August 1841
Age:                                     35    (i.e.  born  about  1806)
Crime:                                Debtor
Number  on  register:        618 ½
Discharged:                        December  3rd  1841  by  insolvency  commissioner
See  Henry  Bullen  1830  Prison  sentence

Prisoner:                            John  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 12th  October  1847
Number  on  register:       3644
Age:                                    30 ( i.e.  born    about   1817)
Crime:                                Debtor  execution  for £79.14.4
(This  is  the  equivalent  of  about  £5000  today)
Sentence:                            Not  stated
Discharged:                       18th November  1847  Discharged  on  sureties
Education:                         Can  read  and  write
John  Bullen  is  probably  from  a  middleclass  family
Unable  to  identify

Prisoner:                           William  Bullen
Date  admitted:                30th  Dec 1847
Number  on  register:      5291
Age:                                   38  ( i.e.  born  about   1809)
Crime:                               Debtor
Education:                        Can read  and  write
Discharged:                       by  Sherriff  2nd  February  1848
Unable  to  identify

Prisoner:                            Mary  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 2nd November 1866
Number  on  register:       937
Crime:                                stealing  a  cloth  cloak  from  J  Donovan
Sentence:                            3  months  imprisonment  with  hard  labour
Convicted  by:                   Queenstown  Petty  Sessions
Number  of  times  in  jail  this  year:  2
Total  number  of  times  in  jail:  13
Age:                                    48 (i.e.  born  about  1818)
Education:                         none
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Height:                               4  foot  10 ½  inches
Eyes:                                  Grey
Born:                                 Queenstown
Marks:                               Lame  right  leg,  nose  broken
Occupation:                       none
Discharged:                       25th January  1867
This  is  Mary  Murphy(1824-1884)  who  married  Joseph  Bullen ,  boatman  of  Queenstown

  • She  was  frequently  before  the  Petty  Sessions  for  drunkenness
  • They  had  6 known children
  • She  died  in  Cork  Workhouse

Prisoner:                           John Bullen
Date  admitted:                25th February  1868
Registration  Number:    149
Age:                                   19  (i.e.  born    about  1849)
Crime:                               Receiving  stolen  property
Sentence:                           Guilty  2  years  hard  labour  then  sentence  commuted  to  1  and  ½  years  by  the  government
Discharged:                       10th  August??? (unable  to  read)
Number  of  previous  imprisonments:  2
Committed  by:                the  Spring  assizes
Education:                         Can  read  and  write
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Height:                              5  foot   9 and  ½  inches
Description:                      Fair  Hair,  Brown  Eyes,  fair  complexion
Born:                                 Kinsale
Marks:                              3  scars  on  right  eye,  brown  mark  of  a  ???  on  right  ankle  and  2  on  left  thigh
Occupation:                       labourer
The  only  known  Roman  Catholic   Bullen  family  in  Kinsale  at  the  time  of  his  birth  is  the  Family  of  John  Bullen of  Roughwood  and  Helen  Paterson.  He  could  be  a grandchild.  No baptism  has  been  found

Prisoner:                           Mary  Bully  alias  Bullen
Date  Admitted:               1869
Registration  Number:     239
Note:                                 No  other  information

Prisoner:                           Cornelius  Butler  alias  Bullen
Date   Admitted:               23rd  November  1870
Registration  Number:     2333
Age:                                    19  (i.e.  born  about  1851)
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Occupation:                       Labourer
Note:                                   Never  been  in  prison before
Crime:                               Attempt  to  stab  John Fish
Sentence:                           To  give  bail  or  2  months  imprisonment
Education:                        Unable  to  read  or  write
Sentence:                           3  days  imprisonment  Discharged  on bail

  • Cornelius  Bullen  is   the  son  of  Joseph  Bullen  and  Mary  Murphy  of  Queenstown
  • In  1875  He  is  an  able  bodied  seaman  on  the  “Margarita”  going  to  Sydney  Australia

Prisoner:                           Mary  Bullen
Date  Admitted:               8th  October  1873
Number  on  register:      2181
Age:                                   58    (i.e..  Born  1815)
Religion:                           Roman  Catholic
Occupation:                     None
Number  of  times  in  prison: Never
Crime:                               Drunkup
Sentence:                           Fined  5  shillings  and  7  days  imprisonment
Education:                         Unable  read  and  write
Occupation  in Prison:      ??????
Discharged:                       14th  October  1873
See  Mary  Bullen  1866 and  1869   prison  sentence

Prisoner:                            Mary  Bullen
Dated  Admitted:               2nd May 1876
Registration  number:       156
Age:                                     60  (i.e.  born  1816)
Number  of  times  in  jail :  1
Occupation:                       Dealer
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Education:                        alphabet
Crime:                               Drunk  in  the  public  Street
Sentence:                           5  shillings  and  costs  1  shilling
Discharged:                      4th May  1876
Same  as  above

Prisoner:                            Mary  Bullen
Date  Admitted:                14th  June  1876
Age :                                         60  (i.e.  born  about 1816 )
Occupation:                      Dealer
Education:                         None
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Crime:                               Drunk in  the  public  Street
Sentence:                           Fine  5  shillings  and  1  shillings  costs  or  4  days  hard  labour
Discharged:                       17th  June  1876
Previous  number  of  imprisonment:  2
Same  as  above

Prisoner:                             Daniel  Bullen
Date  Admitted:                 3rd  July 1878
Number  on  register:        762
Crime:                               Assault  and  robbery  of  the  purse  and  money  of  Thomas  Parfile
Sentence:                           Found  not  guilty
Education:                         Can  read
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Discharged:                      11th  August  1878
Height:                               5  foot  6  inches
Description:                       Light  brown  hair,  hazel eyes,  fresh complexion,
Marks:                               Cut  mark  on  right  thigh
Age:                                   17 (i.e.  born   about   1861)
Born:                                 Cork (  probably  City)
Last  residence                 Cork.  Mother  living  in  Cork
Occupation:                      Labourer????
Status:                               Single

  • No  record  has  been  found  of  his  baptism
  • There  is  no  Irish  death  or  marriage  registration,  which  would  indicate  he  emigrated  or  moved  to  England
  • There is no  Daniel  Bullen  ,  born  Ireland  ,  on  the  English,  USA  or  Canadian  Census’

Prisoner:                            Richard  Bullen
Date  Admitted:                29th  October 1878
Number  on  register:       1825
Previous  committals:       None
Crime:                               Assaulting  Timothy  Brien
Sentence:                           4  days  imprisonment  or  8  shillings  fine
Discharged:                       1st  November  1878
Education:                        Can  read  and  write
Religion:                           Roman  Catholic
Occupation:                      Labourer
Status :                              Married
Born :                                Mallow
Last  residence:                Blackpool  Cork  City (family  reside  there)
Description:                      Hair  brown,  Eyes  blue, Eyebrows  arch, Nose  regular,  Mouth   medium,   Complexion  fresh, Visage oval, Make  stout,
Height:                              5  foot  8  inches
Marks:                              Large  scar  on left  shin,  bald  on  crown
Age :                                  54  (i.e.  born  about   1824  )

  • This  is  Richard  Bullen (1822/24-1887)  who  married  Margaret  Norman  in  1855  at  Ballyclough  RC  ,  Co  Cork
  • They  had  9  known  children  and  have  descendants  living  in  USA
  • Richard  Bullen  was  in  the  army  from  1846-1855

Prisoner:                           George  Bullen
Date  Admitted:               22nd  May  1896
Number  on  register:      675
Age:                                   24   (i.e..  Born    about  1872)
Born:                                 Bath
Height:                              5  foot  7  inches,
Description:                      Fair  hair,  blue  eyes,  fresh complexion,  weight  142  lbs
Last  residence:                Conley’s  Place  Cork
Religion:                           Roman  Catholic
Occupation:                     Clerk
Crime:                              Embezzling  £22.12.8
Sentence:                          3  calendar  months
Discharged:                     12th  June  1896  Sentence  commuted  by order  of  the  Lords  Justice  5th  June  1896
Education:                       Can  read  and  write
George  Bullen  was  probably  born  in  Bath England.
There  is  no  knowledge  of  Bath  in  Co  Cork

Prisoner:                          William  Bullen
Date  Admitted:               22nd  January  1897
Number  on  register:      105
Age:                                   22  ( i.e.. Born  about  1875)
Born:                                New  York
Height:                              5  foot  7  ¾  inches,
Description:                     Brown  hair,  grey  eyes,  fresh  complexion,
Marks:                              Scar  on  left  wrist,  bracelet  on  right  wrist,scar  on  left  eyebrow
Weight:                             on  admission  133lbs,  on  discharge  140  lbs
Last  residence:               Bearney  Street
Occupation:                     Draper’s  assistant
Crime:                             Indecent  assault
Sentence:                         9  calendar  months  from  21st  January  1897
Discharged:                    20th  October  1897
Education:                      Can  read  and  write

  • William  Bullen  is  the  1st  child  of  John  P  Bullen(1847-1918)  and  Mary  O’Sullivan (1851-1939)
  • His  parents  married  in  1871  in  Cork  City,  but  appear  to  have  gone  to  USA  from  1871-1876and  then  returned  to  Ireland. 
  • Mary  O’Sullivan’s  mother  lived  in  New  York
  • John  P  Bullen’s  parents  haven’t  yet  been  discovered
  • William  Bullen  is  on  the  1901  English  census  and  emigrated  to  America.  He  has descendants  in  Mass.  USA

Prisoner:                         Robert  Bullen
Date  admitted:              1ST  May   1909
Number  on  register:    149
Crime:                               Drunk
Sentence:                        7  days Hard  labour  or  6  shillings  fine-  Paid  fine
Discharged:                  7th  May  1909
Age:                                   29  (i.e.  born  about  1880)
Height:                           5  foot 7 inches
Description:                Dark  Brown  Hair,  Brown Eyes,  Sallow  complexion
Born:                                Sunday’s  Well
Last  residence:        North  Abbey  Square
Wife:                               Fanny  Bullen
Occupation:              Clerk
Religion:                        Roman  Catholic
Education:                    Can  read  and  write

  • Robert  Bullen (1876-1914)  is  the  son  of   John  Bullen  (1847-1918)  and  Mary  O’Sullivan (1851-1939)
  • He  married  Fanny  Driscoll  on  April  2nd  1909  at   Cork  Roman  Catholic  Cathedral
  • They  had  one  son  William  John  Bullen (  born  1909)  He  married  Mary  Ann  Larkin  in  1941  and  have  descendants  living  in  Co  Cork



Prisoner:                                 Joseph  Bullen
Date  admitted:                       9th  June  1849
Registration  Number:           989
Age:                                          18 (i.e.  born    about  1831)
Height:                                     5  foot  4  inches
Description:                            Eyes  grey  hair  brown,  complexion  fresh
Residence:                               Lismore
Religion:                                  Roman  Catholic
Education:                               None
Occupation:                              Labourer
Discharged:                              15th  June  1849
He  is  likely  to be  the  son  of  George  Crofts Bullen (1813-  before  1864) and  Honora  Barratt (1814-1880) 


Name:                                 Ellen  Bullen
Date  Admitted:                 27th November  1846
Discharged:                        28th  November  1846
Crime :                                Stealing  turnips
Unable  to  identify


Prisoner:                            Joseph  Bullen
Date  admitted:                 29th  June  1849
Registration  Number:     3038
Age:                                    18 ( i.e.  born  about    1831)
Education:                          None
Religion:                             C
Height:                                5  foot  3  inches
Description:                        Blue  eyes,  fair  hair,  fresh  complexion
Crime:                                 pulling  hay????
Sentence:                             Fined  2  shillings  and  6  pence  and  2  shillings  and 6  pence  costs  or  confined  for  1  month
Discharged:                        July  24th  1849  (i.e.  unable  to  pay  fine)
He  is  probably  the  son  of  George  Crofts  Bullen (1813-  before  1864) and  Honora  Barratt (1814-1880)  See  Waterford  Prison  above



Prisoner:                               John   Bullen  
Date  admitted:                   26th  April -11th  May  1882
Registration  Number:      271
Age:                                          40  (ie Born  1842)
Born                                         Dublin
Last  Residence                    Dublin
Occupation                            Slater
Education:                            Can  read  and write
Religion:                                Roman  Catholic
Height:                                    5  foot  11 3/4 inches
Description:                          Blue  eyes,  grey  hair,  fair  complexion
Marks                                      Various  ?  left  leg
Crime:                                     Larceny
Sentence:                               3  Calendar  Months
Discharged:                          July    25th 1882

NOTE  Unable to  identify.  See  also  Richmond Prison  Dublin


Prisoner:                              Amelia  Bullen
Date  admitted:                  27th  November  1841
Reference Number:           4
Age:                                         30  (i.e.  born  about  1811)
Height:                                   5 foot  2  inches
Description:                         Hair  brown,  complexion  Fair
Religion:                                C
Born:                                      Kilkenny
Trade:                                     None
Education:                            none
Crime:                                    Disturbing  the  peace
Sentence:                               1  week’s  imprisonment
Discharged:                          3rd  December  1841
Unable  to  identify


Prisoner:                             Michael  Bullen
Date  Admitted:                6th  February   1855
Crime:                                  Stole  leather  boots
Sentence:                            1  month
Discharged:                       March  5th  1855
Age:                                      17  (ie  born  1838)
Height:                                5  foot  5  inches
Description:                      Hair  Dark    Complexion  sullen
Religion:                            Roman  Catholic
Born:                                 Glassnevin?
Occupation                       Porter
Education                         Can  Read  and  Write

 Unable  to  identify

Prisoner:                            Thomas  Bullen  alias  John  Byrne
Date  Admitted:                20th  January  1876
Number  on  Register:      59
Crime:                                Illegal  Poss.  lend ?????
Sentence:                            7  weeks
Discharged:                       March  8th  1876


Prisoner:                           Thomas  Bullen
Date  Admitted:               14th  November  1877
Age:                                      35  (i.e.  born   about  1842)
Height:                                5  foot  11  inches
Description:                      Hair  Dark  Brown,  eyes  brown,  complexion  sallow
Religion:                             Roman  Catholic
Born:                                    Kingstown (  now  Dun Laoghaire
Last  Residence:               St  Richard  Street
Occupation:                       labourer
Education:                         can  read  and  write
Crime:                                 Loitering  with  intent
Discharged:                       29th  November  1877  Not  Guilty


Name:                                            John  Bullen
Date  Admitted:                          26TH  April  1882
Previous  imprisonment:        twice
Age:                                                40 (i.e.  born   about   1842)
Height:                                           5  foot  11  ¾  inches
Description:                                dark  and  gray  hair,  brown  eyes,  swallow  complexion,
cast  in  left  eye  weight  11stone  3  lbs
Born:                                             Gardener  Street
Last  residence:                         18  Bishop  Street
Occupation:                                 Slater
Religion:                                      Roman  Catholic
Crime:                                           Feloniously  stole  wheel  barrow  valued at  15  shillings
Sentence:                                     3  calendar  months  imprisonment  Hard  Labour
Discharged:                                 25th July 1882  transferred  to  Maryborough Co Laois
(Queens Co)   Prison  on 11th  May  1882

Prisoner:                                         John  Bullen
Date  of  Committal:                   2nd  May  1884
Previous  imprisonment:         3  times
Age:                                                 40  (i.e.  born  about    1844 )
Born:                                               Gardiner  Street
Description:                                 6  foot  tall  Hair ?  eyes  brown , sallow  complexion
Last  Residence:                          New  Market  Street
Occupation:                                  Slater
Religion:                                        Roman  Catholic
Education:                                   Can  Read  and  write
Crime:                                            threatening  language
Sentence:                                     14 days  imprisonment  and  20  shillings  fine
Discharged:                                15th  May  1884

  • These  3  John  Bullen’s  are  the  same  person
  • Unable  to  identify
  • See  also  Maryborough  Prison  Queens  Co.














Prisoner:                                 John  Ryan  Bullun
Date  admitted:                      5th  April  1845
Number  on  register:            1157
From:                                      Co  Tipperary  Murragh  or  Neuagh
Crime:                                     Rape
Sentence:                                 Life
Age:                                         20  (i.e.  born about    1825)
Height:                                    5  foot  5  inches
Description:                           Eyes  grey,  hair  fair,  complexion  fair
Status:                                     single
Education:                              can  read
Occupation:                            labourer
Religion:                                  Roman  Catholic
Notes:                                      Character  good  in  prison  and  not  committed  before

  • John  Ryan  Bullen  is  probably  the  son  of  John  Bullen  and  Mary  Ryan  who  lived  in  Carrick-on-suir  Co  Tipperary in  1845
  • There  is  no  civil  death  Registration  for  John Ryan  Bullen  in  Ireland  which  indicates  he  died  before  1864,  was  transported  as  a  convict  or  emigrated