The purpose of this web site is provide a user friendly, free site where records of Bullen families, who have ancestry in Ireland, can be collected and shared by all.

The Bullen family were originally English Protestants who moved to Ireland sometime in the 16th or 17th Century. They lived predominately in Co. Cork and Dublin.
Records from the 18th and 19th century make mention of the Bullen name in most Counties of Ireland, both north and south.

In our search for our Irish Bullen ancestors, we have collected many records on Bullens some of which will be available on this web site and will be updated regularly.
We hope that the data on this website will be both useful and interesting to you.

Please contact us if you are searching for your Irish Bullen ancestors  as we may have the information you need in our collection or, reciprocally, you may possess information that we do not have.

We have detailed family trees of 3 branches of the Bullen family with proven data back to 1660, 1680 and 1750. We also have assembled many proven Bullen family trees dating from 1800 onwards and we are still looking for the proof to join these family groups to the larger families.

Undoubtedly many Bullen’s who appear in Irish records were visiting soldiers from England, and not members of the 3 major Bullen families.

Although the Bullen family was originally Church of Ireland, many married into or converted to the Roman Catholic Faith. Hence Bullen’s can be found in both Church registers.

The Bullen name is not very common in Ireland and originally we felt sure that all Irish Bullen’s came from the same ancestor. However recent DNA testing might indicate that there were 2 unrelated Bullen families in Ireland from the 17century.


From the Early 19th Century members of the Bullen family began to emigrated to America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and England. We have only been able to locate 4 Irish Bullen’s still living in Ireland and we would be pleased to hear if there are more.